Monthly Workshop Series

A Life Coach approach to getting what you want … what you REALLY want!

This new and exciting monthly workshop series will help bring a consistent and structured approach to setting and achieving your biggest goals. Using a coaching approach, this series will be lead by Life Coach Tim Matheson and is applicable to both your personal and professional life. Our focus will be on setting clearly defined goals, identifying the possible solutions and putting action plans together that will map your way to success. Various topics of physical, mental and spiritual wellness will be covered throughout the year with a consistent “check in” with your Life Coach to bring purpose and clarity to your daily life.


First Class – March 7th, 2015

In this interactive workshop we will explore the various areas of our lives and the impact they have on our happiness. We will work on identifying both long and short term goals along with a plan to reach those goals. A continuation of spiritual dialogue will compliment the personal experience into your hearts basic desires with the guidance of your own personal Life Coach. For more information please visit