About Tim

I believe that each of us is absolutely perfect just the way we are. We were born perfect and deep down inside, we remain perfect. Like everyone else on this planet, we are doing the best we can with what we have to work with.

From early on in our lives, we are led to believe that more is better and we must work hard to get to a better stage in life. We often feel that we are living for the future. This belief however, does little to help us fulfill our wishes and desires on a daily basis as most  people don’t feel like they ever get to their better stage. Each and every day is an opportunity for us to be perfect, from the inside out.

It is so exciting for me to work with people every day as they discover new beliefs given key information. By using proven strategies as a Life Coach, I am confident that each session will lead you directly to discovering more about your true self and the things that are most meaningful to you in life. By focusing on your deepest desires we will take action to support you in achieving your true goals and realizing your deepest desires regardless if they are personal or professional. As a professional Life Coach, my role is to help you realize your full potential while ‘living’ it on a daily basis. The reality is that lives don’t become fuller and richer through simply dreaming. Neither does the “Law of Attraction” work very well by simply saying you want something. The deeper the desire and the more genuine that desire is to each person, the stronger the force of attraction. There is no question that hard work is required in order to achieve what you want. However, by choosing to do nothing beyond wishful thinking or lamenting while ‘waiting for something good to happen to me,” time can work against you as you lose touch with your true self.

I have come to witness and personally experience the miracles of life that happen when you  find your inner voice and learn to trust and work with it. I promise you, there is more to life than just clocking in and clocking out each day while begrudgingly counting down time until something better or retirement comes along. While in my early days of the hospitality industry, I believed in the “Freedom 55” plan of working hard until age 55 and then being able to start enjoying the things I’d always wanted to do. Soon I questioned, “What happens if I don’t make it until age 55? Would my whole life have been a rehearsal for something that never happened?” We all know that there are no guarantees in life, especially regarding how long we will remain on this earth. Life is here, every day, in the present. Each day is a gift.

I have many roles in my life and I am passionate about every one of them. I have learned to value both the beauty and the simplicity in life. I enjoy every moment of helping others explore their potential and am fueled by every conversation I have as we travel along our paths. I live a life that is filled with love and beauty as I learned long ago that I get to chose what I see in life. I have a beautiful family with my wife and two children who endlessly feed me with opportunities to love and be loved.